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At the heart Provensec philosophy lies a conviction of creating and delivering Information Security products and services that have a profound focus on "Proven" added value to our clients.

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Traditionally Enterprise security market is positioned around mitigating elements of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. At Provensec we position our security products and services upon aspects such as opportunities, predictability and measurable return on your information security investments.

The cyber threat has never been so scalable and organized. The complexity of new attack vectors and ease of their execution is a new reality that businesses face worldwide. Security is a complex business for many, but we believe “every business is complex and unique in its own way”. The team at Provensec is committed to making security a simple plug into your business so that you can focus on creating value for your clients.

Each product or service that Provensec delivers to you guarantees a proven, predictable and measurable added value for your business. Our thought provoking and innovative approach to security aims at redefining and in many ways challenging the status of propellant commercial security practices in the industry.

Who we are ?

  • Founded in 2012, Provensec has grown to be leading player in Security Assessment and Vulnerability Management market.
  • Provensec has proven passion for security, this is evident from responsible disclosures that our team has made towards leading brands such as Google and LinkedIn.
  • Provensec team has engaged with some of the leading brands in banking and IT industry to make them more secure. Our team has firsthand experience in working with government institutions focused on national security.
  • We have multinational footprint when it comes to operations with our security research lab in India and consulting units in Netherlands , USA, and Australia.

Values that motivate us

  • Thought provoking innovation in security.
  • We build People and People build our business.
  • Entrepreneurship with a conviction to deliver “Proven” added value to our clients.
  • Create simple security concepts that can plug-in to our clients business and meet their business goals.

Provensec LLC, 616 Corporate Way, Suite Cottage, New York 10989, USA


Our Expertise

100 + responsible disclosures. 50+ hall of fame mentions. Our expertise is acknowledged by