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Who are we?

Founded in 2012, Provensec has grown to be leading player in Security Assessment and Vulnerability Management market. We are a small, passionate, & powerful team. We invest a lot of resources and time in researching latest hacking trends and mastering new security testing techniques.Provensec has proven passion for security, this is evident from responsible disclosures that our team has made towards leading brands such as Google and LinkedIn.
Provensec team has engaged with some of the leading brands in banking and IT industry to make them more secure. Our team has firsthand experience in working with government institutions focused on national security.
We have multinational footprint when it comes to operations with our security research lab in India and consulting units in Netherlands, USA and Australia.


Cloudpro-X is a cloud based vulnerability scanner. It has cutting edge capabilities such as online vulnerability scanning, uptime monitoring, malware & blacklisting monitoring and On Demand Penetration Testing
Set-up your private space in Cloud-ProX where you have consolidated dashboard. Then you have to add an asset to your organization for scanning and monitoring after that selects the security test for your asset, depending on the security test you assigned to assets you can run tests. Tests can be run whenever you like or you can schedule it to run at your convenient time. Scanner will scan yourasset on your scheduled time and illustrate the results on your dashboard. Cloudpro-X lets you manage the vulnerabilities that you get. You can assign that to your tech team and once it is solved you can close the findings. You will get report at regular intervals according to your wish like daily, weekly and monthly reports.
CloudPro-X can detect many web vulnerabilities like XSS, all injection type vulnerabilities, cryptography vulnerability, LFI, RFI, email spoofing and many more. Cloudpro-X covers more than 40000 + security checks for missing patches, security configuration, malware infections, OWASP top 10 and many more.
CloudPro-X detects vulnerabilities like other scanners do, but CloudPro-X won’t feed you with false findings. All the findings that you get in your dashboard are made sure that they are present and not just a random result.

Penetration Testing

  • A penetration test is a security test to identify security vulnerabilities that are exploitable.
  • A penetration test is totally different from a vulnerability scan. A vulnerability scan is automated. A penetration test is a manual test conducted by trained qualified and certified professionals, and uses human interaction and human ingenuity to discover flaws that automated tools often miss.
According to requirement there is verity of Penetration Tests like:

  • Network and configuration penetration tests
  • Web application penetration tests,
  • Wireless network penetration tests,
  • Client-server application penetration tests,
  • Mobile device and apps penetration tests, and
  • Social engineering.
Provensec offers web application penetration testing, Mobile device and apps penetration testing (android, IOS, and blackberry), cloud penetration testing (AWS, AZURE and Google Cloud), and PCI penetration testing.

The cost of penetration testing depends on the scope of assignment including the type of assessment and the number of items in scope.

This is why we offer a free no-obligation consultation where our technical security consultants will analyze the target, scope the assignment and come back with a precise quote.

Depending on the type of testing required and the size of your project, the time it takes to complete a complete a penetration test varies.

In our free no-obligation consultation we will ask you some questions regarding your project so we can determine the days or hours it will take.

Easy ISMS Tool

ISO 27001 is a requirement for an information security management system (ISMS). An information security management system is a skeleton of policies and procedures that include all legal, physical and technical controls implicated in an organization’s information risk management processes.

Easy ISMS Tool is cloud-based ISMS tool covers all steps you need to achieve ISO 27001 certification. These include documents, online risk assessment, and templates that are explained with appropriate user guidance. This helps you to accomplish continuous compliance with ISO 27001 security standard while saving both time and money.

  • Step 1: Set-up your private cloud space with Provensec Easy ISMS Tool where you will get consolidated dashboard, reports, user administration features and more.
  • Step 2: Define your scope in the Easy ISMS Tool, add locations in the scope of ISMS, add business units, add business process and add assets.
  • Step 3: Now manage risk by defining inherent risk, treating identified risks, define an action plan.
  • Step 4: Your SOA will be pre-filled based on the above phases. Select applicable controls and implement them.
  • Step 5: Meet all mandatory requirements
  • Step 6: Monitor your ISMS.

Our cloud based ISMS Tool cost $4999 per year which will give you access to our cloud tool only.

The cost of customized consultation will depends on the scope of assignment.

In our free no-obligation consultation we will ask you some questions regarding your ISMS so we can determine the duration and cost of the project.

Partner Program

Private-label products also known as “phantom products” are usually those provided by one corporation for offer under another company’s brand name.
At Provensec Labs we have to build a solution that is ready for launch with your own branding. A Cloud Security Scanning product with features like fully automated cloud vulnerability scanning, uptime monitoring, malware monitoring, on-demand penetration testing and threat intelligence. If you are an MSP or a security consulting company looking to offer cloud security as a service offering, start here. We have done all the hard work for you

Provensec Private Label Security Solution features many things like following:

  • Your own branded cloud-based security as a service offering
  • Simple and automated platform cloud based security scanning platform.
  • Dashboard with your own company logo, color scheme, punch line, and the portal has your URL.
  • Monitor and centrally manage your scanning services across all customers from a single console
  • You can get started with our word press plug-in or via or advance API.
  • Security scanning reports will be emailed to your clients automatically and contain your company logo.
  • Easy signup for your clients.
We offer many easy ways to set up your Private Label Security Solutions and get you started. Our portal is set up by us and is hosted on Amazon cloud. When your customer’s login they see you’re chosen URL and your logo. Security scanning reports are emailed to your clients automatically and contain your company logo. If you have an existing website you can use of one of the following ways to integrate our signup process and start selling online For more information visit:

Provensec partner program is the very backbone of our business model. We are industry’s first business to a business market player that has a focus on helping Managed service providers and Web Hosting companies to launch their own Security as a Service in 48 hours.

1. Building a new revenue stream without any staffing costs or upfront investment 

You can capture your share in the security market by building a scalable business without adding new headcounts or building in-house security expertise. You get a recurring revenue stream which gives you an immediate branding boost and puts you a step ahead with a competitive edge.

2. Your own branded cloud-based security as a service offering 

Provensec can help you launch your own branded SaaS business in 48 hours. Our business model gives you complete control of this solution so that you can create your sales strategy to your advantage. The portal has your URL, Logo and punch line. Scanning Traffic originates from a source marked exclusively for your business.

3. Create your own resellers and gain from your partner program 

Our simple licensing system allows you to procure a block of licenses upfront so you are in complete control of your bottom line. This allows you to design your own product portfolio and gain from further business to business enrolments. With higher volumes, you can gain exclusive rights to resell within certain geography.

It is advised that setup a free no-obligation consultation with our senior to discuss about the investment.