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Provensec GRC partner program is the very backbone of our business model. We are industry's first B2B market player that has a focus on helping Consulting Partners and Value Added Resellers to launch their own cloud-based GRC self-service portals in 48 hours.

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Stand apart from the crowd. Deploy Proven GRC Software and Get your clients ISO 27001 certified faster. Add our GRC offerings to your Service Catalogue.


Consulting and Implementation.

Consulting and implementation partners have an established and growing GRC technology practice for implementing ProvenGRC products. By leveraging our GRC Platform, consultants can provide accurate and scalable solutions while engaging with your clients. You start getting attractive discounts from your second implementation onwards. This results in higher margins, as well as new upselling opportunities.


Value Added Reseller.

You can leverage our products and services to cater to GRC customers in your region. As a VAR partner, you gain access to leads generated by Provensec for your region. You provide technical, product, and implementation best practices to your customers. With initial investments at your side, you lock in as much as 40 % discounts on our offerings.


Channel Partners.

If you are able to market Proven GRC products in one or multiple regions supported by strong investments, you may qualify as a channel partner. This means that you unlock as much as 50 % discounts on our offerings. In addition to this, you are able to engage other distributors as well as resell our solutions to other implementation partners.

Partner Benefits

  • Simple, automated platform , Quick sets up , requires minimum maintenance
  • Flexible integration options : Hosted , Local Deployment and security appliance.
  • Access a wide range of case studies, collaterals, and whitepapers.
  • Access our sales and technical support.
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